People-Centered Project Management

This workshop is about creating success through people. It goes behind the science of PERT, MS Project, and GANT charts to look at the art of working and communicating with people connected to the project. Within a five-step process for project planning and management, we will study the human side, addressing issues such as qualifying the need for the product, scoping the project, team work, communications, and risk management. At the core of every project are its people: the people who want the project, those paying for it, and those you will depend on to do the work. The best-planned project can still fail if you ignore its important interpersonal dimensions.
There are no prerequisites for this course.
1 Day Lecture & Lab
This introductory course is designed for anyone interested in working with people in order to create a successful project delivery.
  • Keys to success for project management
  • Basic concepts of project management
  • Five phases of a project cycle
  • Project scoping: Initiation and definition
  • Dealing with the boss who wants everything yesterday
  • Preparing and sign-off on a project initiation document
  • Preparing a team charter
  • Managing a team and how to deal with difficult situations
  • Avoiding time traps and other time-wasters
  • Risk assessment, management, and mitigation
  • Project delivery and review

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