Performance and Stress Testing

This course addresses the multiple levels of performance testing from single-shot through stress. It includes the unique focus of single-shot, smoke, normal, spike, hot spot, bounce, and stress levels of performance testing. It defines the components of the Performance Response Time graph starting with single-shot, and continuing through the knee, the maximum acceptable response times, and gridlock. It provides specific approaches for gathering the test data, such as John Musas Operational Profile. It includes the key functions of performance test tools and examples of some commonly used vendors performance tool features. Students work individually and in teams developing and refining a Performance and Stress Test plan throughout the class.
Students should have some familiarity with the key terms used to describe software testing. Attendance at an introductory Testing Overview class is recommended.
1/2 Day/Lecture & Lab
This course designed for System and IP testers.
  • Introduction
  • Levels of performance testing
  • Performance environment
  • Wrap-up
  • Exercises

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