Pervasive Encryption on z/OS - ESS10G

Training Summary
Organizations are compelled to find effective and cost-efficient data security solutions.Encryption is one of the technologies that enables organizations to reduce the cost, impact and even likelihood of a breach. Encrypting data can help companies meet the stringent mandates of the GDPR, HIPAA and other mandates.IBM z15 has been designed for pervasive encryption, enabling organizations to encrypt 100% of an organization�s IBM Z critical business data in-flight and at-rest, with no application changes and no impact to SLAs. Encrypting only the data required to meet compliance mandates should be considered a minimum threshold, not a best practice. IBM z15 makes pervasive encryption the new standard in data protection and the foundation of a larger data security and protection strategy.z/OS is designed to provide new policy-based encryption options that take full advantage of the improvements in the z15 platform. These new capabilities include:Data set encryption, which is one aspect of pervasive encryption, provides enhanced data protection for many z/OS data sets gives users the ability to encrypt data without needing to make changes to applications to embed encryption APIs within applications.New z/OS policy controls which mak
General z/OS knowledge, including basic UNIX System Services skillsBasic knowledge of RACFCurriculum relationshipo [ES66G]
24 Hours
This class is intended for z/OS system programmers and security specialists in charge of designing, implementing and monitoring Pervasive Encryption on z/OS.
Course Topics
After completing this course, you should be able to: Describe the components of Pervasive Encryption on z/OS Explain the role of encryption for data protection 2 Implement hardware crypto on your z System Load and activate AES Master Keys Implement and start ICSF Understand the differences between secure keys clear keys and protected keys Describe how are key values used for encryption and decryption Generate, maintain and manage Keys Setup access to key labels Setup policy to supply key label (RACF SMS JCL) Access data in encrypted data sets Create encrypted data sets - Supplying key labels Convert existing data sets to encryption Verify encryption status Encrypt Data in Transit Encrypt Data at Rest Manage data sets, data keys, and key labels, Systems w/TPS, Mainframe TPS, Application Platforms TPS, z Enterprise Transaction Systems & integration

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