Pleasurability - Designing for Emotion UX

Training Summary
Customers gravitate toward pleasurable products and experiences. Pleasurability UX training brings together the core user experience skills of usability (ease of use) and desirability (user needs & desires) with an emphasis on how to evoke and utilize emotion as a design aid. The goal of pleasurability in your design strategy is to achieve 'joy of use'. In this UX training, you will learn how to use and create pleasurability, an emotion design approach. Product design success is grounded in gaining lasting pleasure from a design. In this training we learn what aspects of design experience make users happy, what puts them in a good mood, and what sustains their positive engagement or 'joy of use' over the lifetime of product ownership. This training blends the cutting edge method of Design Thinking with proven User Centered Design techniques. Participants will learn how to bring customers into the design and development process while improving design decisions to create differentiated UX
There are no prerequisites for this course.
1 Day/Lecture & Lab
This course is designed for people who demonstrate an aptitude toward problem solving, have strong communication and collaboration skills, and have a background in adjacent fields.
Course Topics
  • Designing for Users, Emotions and Behavior: Understanding your audience beyond marketing.
  • Identifying the Two sides of Customer Desires: Desirability and Pleasurability
  • Bringing pleasurability to life with Rapid Prototypes.
  • Avoiding human error and emotions that detract from pleasure.
  • Finding your design signature and emotional value proposition.
  • How to evaluate and test for improving emotional engagement.
  • Using a UX Joy of Use Scorecard with your product team.
  • Bonus: The OOBE wow factor. Out of Box Experience: Designing for Physical to Digital experiences

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