PL/SQL Fundamentals Part I

This Oracle 11g course will provide an introduction to the PL/SQL database programming language. Syntax, structure and features of PL/SQL are discussed in the context of database applications and programming. This course is Part 1 of 2 courses that equips students to develop database server-side PL/SQL program units within an Oracle database.
It is mandatory that students have taken an SQL course and have experience writing SQL queries in an Oracle database, prior to taking this class.
2 1/2 Days/Lecture & Lab
This course is designed for Oracle application designers and developers, as well as database administrators who need to know how to write PL/SQL program units for Oracle databases.
  • Choosing and use of a SQL and PL/SQL interface in which to code programs
  • Understanding the PL/SQL language features and environment
  • Structure of a PL/SQL program block
  • Using the DECLARE clause to define simple and complex types, including variables, records and tables
  • Use of the BEGIN clause in the programming block
  • Performing data manipulation
  • Logic control and branching using LOOP, IF-THEN-ELSE and CASE statements
  • Use of the EXCEPTION clause to capture and handle errors
  • Create and use CURSORS to process a query that returns more than one row

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