Policy Analysis Toolbox - Part I

This workshop will provide both policy analysts and subject-matter experts with some effective tools that will help them to formulate good public policy. Starting with perceptions of a problem, such as what might flow from a risk assessment, a minister's office, or media reports, this workshop will help participants to apply an analytical framework and use tools with which they can formulate credible policy options. Part One deals with problem-solving and the first part of options-identification. Part Two (to be offered in the spring of 2014) looks at assessment of options and making a recommendation.Parts One and Two of this workshop are different from our sister workshop, Developing Effective Public Policy. The Policy Toolbox is about the analysis that you would personally undertake to create a policy or program, whereas the latter workshop explains at a higher level how policies are developed. This workshop will maximize the amount of hands-on learning through the use of case studies and group work.
There are no prerequisites for this course.
2 Days/Lecture & Lab
This course is designed for federal government policy analysts, program officers, and subject-matter experts of the EC-2 to EC-8 levels or equivalent, and for managers.
  • Positioning your policy analysis within the needs of management
  • Identifying and understanding the causes of a problem
  • Risk assessment
  • Behavioural and environmental profiling
  • Identification of policy instruments

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