PowerPoint 2000: Module 1; Introduction

This class introduces the skills necessary to use PowerPoint. It includes tasks on exploring PowerPoint, working with the Office Assistant, using basic presentation skills, and working with the outline pane. Students will also learn how to correct spelling and text errors; enhance presentation text; and print, send and publish presentations.
Students should have an understanding of Windows
1 Day/Lecture & Lab
  • Explore PowerPoint
  • Work with the Office Assistant
  • Use basic presentation skills
  • Use the outline pane
  • Correct spelling and text errors
  • Enhance presentation text
  • Print, send and publish
  • Exploring PowerPoint
  • Working with the Office Assistant
  • Using Basic Presentation Skills
  • Using the Outline Pane
  • Correcting Spelling and Text Errors
  • Enhancing Presentation Text
  • Printing, Sending and Publishing

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