Practical Network Programming in Python (PNPP)

Training Summary
This 5-day course balances lecture and lab exercises to ensure students can apply key Python programming knowledge and skills required to address network automation challenges in a multi-vendor infrastructure.
Network engineers participating in this class should have a basic understanding of Python or other scripting/programming languages and working experience with enterprise network infrastructure equipment. Application developers participating in this class should have a basic understanding of networking equipment and their functions on the network. Recommended pre-course reading or training for network engineers include: Automate the Boring Stuff with Python and Introduction to Python Programming courses. Pre-course work for Application Developers include ENCOR level knowledge or equivalent: ENCOR
5 Days/Lecture & Lab
This course is designed for network architects, network engineers and application developers that have experience designing, building and maintaining enterprise and/or service provider networks or building network automation applications.
Course Topics
  • Introduction to Python and Programming Languages
  • IDE – Intro to PyCharm Community Edition
  • Data-types in Python
  • Flow control
  • Network Programming Library Overview
  • Modeling Network Configuration CLI in python
  • Configuration Management
  • Auditing and State Validation
  • ˜Show command’ parsing
  • Device Capabilities
  • Device Real-time Interaction and debugging
  • Intro to device orchestration
  • Environment and command line variables and Python
  • Working with a Datacenter Design
  • Multi Device and Dependency Management – Sequencing
  • Full configuration management
  • Gitlab – CICD Introduction
  • RobotFramework

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