Predictive Analytics & Data Mining: Core Concepts

This preparatory session establishes a baseline understanding of the introductory material required to hit the ground running in the highly interactive Predictive Analytics and Data Mining courseware. By viewing this initial lecture in advance of the live training session, participants will be prepared to proceed directly into the lecture / demo / work-along cycle format. In addition, those attending the Strategic Implementation course will not be exposed to the same foundational material at the start of each independent course within the series.This presentation is an asynchronous lecture that may be viewed at your leisure. It is an independent prerequisite module and not representative of the delivery style of the interactive classroom or live on-line training. Core Concepts conveys a mind-shifting perspective for actionable analytics to those new to the practice, while preparing a platform for more coverage and momentum in the Predictive Analytics and Data Mining courseware.
There are no prerequisites for this course.
4 Hours/Lecture & Lab
All Predictive Analytics & Data Mining Course Registrants in order to arrive with a general overview and solid baseline underfoot, ready to dive directly into the interactive work-along sessions of the classroom or on-line productionsTraining Evaluators who wish to more closely verify that the general content and approach is aligned with their training objectives prior to registering for the fee-based classroom or on-line eventsTechnology Investigators who seek an efficient orientation to actionable analytics to prioritize the practice among other organizational business intelligence objectivesThe Analytically Curious who desire additional perspectives on the topic
  • Organizational Decision Modeling
  • Enhanced Resource Allocation
  • Mathematical Models
  • Goal Driven Analytics
  • Incremental Development
  • The Critical Design Issue
  • 3-Step Project Design
  • The Four Core Project Types
  • Analytic Opportunity Identification
  • Wrap Up

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