Preparing And Writing Briefing Notes

This course provides the essentials for producing effective briefing notes for either public or private sector organizations. With the techniques offered in this session, you will learn to be concise yet comprehensive in summarizing from more detailed source materials. You will also learn to use various models for structuring briefing notes. We can either customize the course around existing templates and models your organization uses or supply you with a generic model for briefing notes, guaranteeing consistency across your group. We encourage participants to bring samples of their own documents to the class for discussion and application of the course principles.
There are no prerequisites for this course.
1 Day/Lecture
This course is designed for Executive assistants, Project officers and managers and those responsible for summarizing issues, actions and status
Apply a process specifically designed for writing briefing notes::Get to the point of the issue or action::Provide the appropriate level of detail, based on the reader's need to know::Use summarizing short-cuts to save time and effort::Write effective and strategic recommendations::Stay focused on the reader's priorities::Apply models for structuring briefing notes::Determine when to quote from sources verbatim and when to paraphrase::Identify and correct the grammar errors

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