Presentation Skills

Through lecture, discussion, and workshop, this class is designed to help the attendee identify and develop desirable skills to become an exceptional presenter.
There are no prerequisites for this course.
2 Days/Lecture & Lab
Anyone in a business needing to present ideas, reports, or other information to individuals and/or groups
  • You Have to PLAN IT!
  • You are Not the Audience
  • How Much to Prepare - More than enough?
  • Humor - How much?
  • State the Obvious
  • Begin and End: Strong
  • Prepare to Win or Plan to Lose
  • Organizing it All
  • Slide Preparation
  • What Comes First?
  • Practice
  • How Much?
  • What Parts?
  • Exercises are interspersed
  • Strategy of Delivery
  • Tone
  • Work the Plan
  • Respond (Don't React)
  • Odds & Ends: Starting Time - How Much Time
  • More Odds & Ends: Your Voice - Non Verbal
  • Skills - Pausing
  • Exercises are interspersed

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