Proactive Testing Workshop

Training Summary
Proactive Testing enables you to deliver better software in less time by doing more effective testing, while also providing the value that overcomes traditional user, manager, and developer resistance. Applying special strategies and techniques that spot many of the highest yet ordinarily-overlooked risks, Proactive Testing makes sure the most important unit/component, integration/assembly, system, and UAT testing is done in limited available time. Moreover, by managing within an overall Quality perspective that catches more defects earlier when they are easier to fix, and actually prevents many showstoppers and other errors, Proactive Testing also can cut developers' time, effort, and aggravation. After establishing core concepts, this interactive workshop shows Proactive ways to apply powerful proven structured test planning and design techniques that produce value, not busywork. To enhance learning, participants practice each key technique in a series of exercises with various aspects of a real case fact situation.
There are no prerequisites for this course.
3 Days/Lecture & Lab
This course has been designed for testing professionals and others who manage and perform testing of software products, and also for analysts, designers, and system/project managers who need to know how Proactive Testing can cut software development time and effort.
Course Topics
  • How testing can cut effort & time
  • Test planning value not busywork
  • Proactive master test planning (big risks)
  • Detailed test planning (medium-sized risks)
  • White box (structural) testing
  • Integration/system/special test planning
  • Test design both verb and noun (small risks)
  • Maintenance and regression testing
  • Automated testing tools
  • Measuring and managing testing

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