Product Management – Metrics and ROI

Training Summary
The focus of this two-day workshop is to provide you with the tools make better decisions on the Products you’re looking to implement, provide you ways to prioritize them, and assess the ROI for these investment decisions. We focus on value creation from a Business Throughput perspective; top line Throughput is the most important factor in creating value for the customer and profit for the business. Everything else is secondary. We also explore prioritization and alignment models, including OKR’s (Objectives with Key Results) that drive alignment and autonomy. These are provided to give participants a broad view on how to improve Business Agility using value focused metrics as well as alignment models for execution.
A good understanding of Agile and Lean techniques. A foundational Agile Certification and experience is recommended
2 Days/Lecture & Lab
This course is designed for:
  • Portfolio Managers, Program Managers, Product Managers, CxO’s, Business Analysts, Financial Analysts
Course Topics
  • Throughput Accounting 101
  • Theory of Constraints
  • Understanding and Applying OKR’s
  • The Pirate Metrics/Canvas - AARRR
  • Impact Mapping to understand the Business ::Value of your Initiatives
  • Behavior Mapping to map Epics to Features
  • Business Bingo to generate quick consensus for cost, business value, risk and priorities
  • Case study exercise combining all the elements
  • Building a Continuous Improvement culture
  • So what and now what?

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