Programming a Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Database

Through this course students will be provided with the technical skills required to program a database solution by using Microsoft SQL Server 2000. This course will help the student prepare for the following Microsoft Certified Professional exam: Exam 70-229, Designing and Implementing Databases with Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Enterprise Edition.
Before attending this course, students must have experience using the Microsoft Windows 2000 operating system to connect and manage a user group. Students must also have an understanding of basic relational database concepts, including logical and physical database design, as well as data integrity concepts. Knowledge of basic Transact-SQL syntax (SELECT, UPDATE, and INSERT statements) is also required. Finally, participants must have a familiarity with the role of the database administrator.
5 Days/Lecture & Lab
This course is intended for students who wish to prepare for the Microsoft Certified Professional exam: Exam 70-229.
  • SQL Server Overview
  • Overview of Programming SQL Server
  • Creating and Managing Databases
  • Creating Data Types and Tables
  • Implementing Data Integrity
  • Planning Indexes
  • Creating and Maintaining Indexes
  • Implementing Views
  • Implementing Stored Procedures
  • Implementing User-defined Functions
  • Implementing Triggers
  • Programming Across Multiple Servers
  • Optimizing Query Performance
  • Analyzing Queries
  • Managing Transactions and Locks

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