Programming for InfoSphere Streams V2 with SPL - Web Based - 1W722G

This course is designed to teach the student about the Streams Processing Language. It will begin with the basic concepts of InfoSphere Streams and the basic Streams Processing Language operators used in a Streams program. The student will learn how to access data from an external source and write stream data to an external target using the adapter operators. The student will then learn how and when to use the relational and utility operators. Lab exercise demonstrations will use the InfoSphere Streams IDE that is based upon Eclipse as the development and testing environment but the student will get the opportunity to see the invocation of a compilation of a Streams program from the command line as well.The second half of the course will show how to control the placement of processing elements and the debugging capabilities of the Streams Processing Language. Then the student will be introduced to the InfoSphere Streams Data Mining, Financial and Database toolkits. Finally the course will demonstrate how to extend the Streams Processing Language through the development of SPL native functions, SPL non-generic operators developed in C++ and Java, and SPL generic operators.If you are enrolling in a Self Paced Virtual Classroom or
1 Day

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