Programming in Objective-C

Objective-C has been Apple's language of choice for iOS App development since the iPhone first arrived on the scene in 2007. And with well over a million Apps in the App Store having been written in Objective-C, its importance and relevance remain crucial for any development team. This 3-day course will provide a thorough exploration of Object Oriented Programming with Objective-C through a myriad of hands-on labs and exercises that will cover both the theoretical and practical aspects of the language. Topics covered will include Objective-C Data Types, working with Collection Objects, Control-Flow, Creating Custom Classes, Inheritance, Polymorphism, Dynamic Binding and Dynamic Typing, the Foundation Framework, working with the iOS File System and much more.An in-depth exploration of Xcode - Apple's IDE for developing iOS Apps - will also be an integral part of this class as students will use it to write a myriad of programs that demonstrate the concepts being taught.Students will have gained a solid foundation and understanding of how Objective-C works, a strong familiarity with the Xcode IDE and thus be ideally prepared to move on to learning iOS App Development.
Previous programming experience is recommended but not mandatory.Basic familiarity with Mac computers and working in Mac OS X is recommended
3 Days/Lecture & Labs
Beginner programmers as well as experienced programmers who are not familiar with Objective-C.
  • Creating and Running an Objective-C Project in Xcode
  • Working with Data Types, Variables & Constants
  • Arithmetics and Expressions
  • Creating Custom Classes
  • Inheritance
  • Polymorphism, Dynamic Typing and Dynamic Binding
  • The Foundation Framework and Collection Objects
  • Data Persistence and Working with iOS File System
  • Custom Data-Types, Protocols and Categories
  • Archiving and Copying Objects

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