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This course is available for the RedHat and SUSE distributions, but a variety of customized topics are available for other distributions as well (primarily Debian-based). Students are invited to bring their current ideas and questions to the classroom for discussion. Case studies, lecture, group problem solving, and online laboratories will be used. Students will be encouraged to enhance their skills utilizing the techniques presented through classroom problem solving and controlled online workshops.

-Experience in C programming (prefer six months or more) -Familiarity with Linux commands and directory structure -Experience with the vi or emacs text editor. (Some classroom installations may also have pico or joe available.) -Understanding of basic shell scripting for Unix/Linux

5 Days/Lecture & Lab

This course is designed for experienced C programmers who have worked on Unix/Linux systems in the past and are interested in developing or porting applications to the Linux environment.

  • Overview of Programming on Linux (tools and techniques)
  • Linux Programming Standards
  • Command Line Tools
  • Operating System APIs
  • Packaging and Deployment

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