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This course covers provides in-depth coverage of REST principles and building RESTful Web Services using the JAX-RS API available in Java EE 6 and Java EE 7. It includes coverage of producing different kinds of data, including JSON and XML, as well as consuming it in various ways, including AJAX clients and Java clients. The course also provides coverage of many common REST patterns, how they are implemented in JAX-RS, and how they are used by the various possible clients.The course includes many hands-on labs for practicing and reinforcing all concepts. It will enable you to build working RESTful services, and give you an understanding of the important concepts and technology, in a very short time.

Students should be comfortable with all facets of basic Java programming, including creating classes and implementing interfaces. Some experience with web applications is useful, but not required.

2 Days/Lecture & Lab


  • Understand RESTful Principles
  • Design and Create RESTful Service Interfaces, and their Difference from SOAP-based Services
  • Use JAX-RS to Create RESTful Services
  • Extract Data from RESTful Requests, including URI Template data, Query/Form Parameters, Cookies, etc.
  • Generate Different Content, Including String, JSON and XML
  • Consume RESTful Data with Ajax/Browser Clients, and with Java/JAX-RS Clients
  • Understand and Use Content Negotiation to Generate the Appropriate Data Type
  • Secure JAX-RS Services

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