Programming Swing and the Java Foundation Classes (JFC)

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Programming Swing and the Java Foundation Classes (JFC)

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This course covers the Java Foundation Classes, which are a set of portable, pure Java classes that let developers create rich, cross-platform user interfaces.

Before taking this course students should have a solid Java programming background. Basic Java syntax will not be covered in this course.

3 Days/Lecture & Lab

This course is designed for software developers who will use the JFC to create Java applications and applets.

  • Understand the differences between the JDK 1.1 AWT and the JFC
  • Program JFC menus and toolbars
  • Program JFC dialog boxes, including custom dialogs based on the JDialog class
  • Program JFC components, including JTextArea, JProgressMeter and tabbed dialogs
  • Understand JFC's model-view-controller architecture
  • Program the JTree and JTable controls
  • Understand the JFC look-and-feel mechanism
  • Program JFC drag and drop

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