Project Estimating and Scheduling

This comprehensive workshop puts to work the proven tools, techniques and methods of project management. It provides both an understanding and the direct application of estimating, scheduling including the development and use of network diagrams (Gantt and PERT charts), and change control tools and techniques. It provides the tools, processes and methods for more effective project planning, execution and control of any IT project. From the start this applied workshop provides experience in: taking both requirements and work breakdown structures to estimates, work breakdown structures to schedules and control techniques. Participants will learn techniques and methods of estimating, budgeting, forecasting, monitoring, analyzing, controlling and reporting time, cost, and both resource need and utilization information. Managing the real world constraints of any project: time, people, budget, equipment and supplies, and requirements specifications are addressed. Proven methods for working within limitations while encouraging innovation are covered. This is a core course in the project management curriculum. Our other project management program courses provide the information for you to build upon this critical content.
There are no prerequisites for this course.
4 Days/Lecture & Lab
This is the workshop that every Project Manager to Team Member needs. It provides the knowledge and applies the tools and techniques of estimating and scheduling in the workshop to get project work ready to start correctly, run properly, and be done on time and within budget. PrerequisiteStudents should have taken Project Management: Roles, Responsibilities and Practices" workshop or the equivalent class.
  • Perform project estimating using simple proven techniques
  • Take work breakdown structures (WBS's) to estimates and utilize network diagrams to meet stakeholders' needs
  • Identify alternatives, plan for contingencies, and define schedules, cost and resource requirements using GANTT and PERT/CPM
  • Determine, communicate with, and schedule the human recourses required to complete the project
  • Develop a time-phased project budget Planning "S" Curves, Et. Al.
  • Utilize proven techniques for project reporting and presentations to management
  • Develop and/or update model project work plans or templates for future use

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