Project Management Essentials

The Challenge Within virtually every enterprise there is growing understanding of just how crucial successful projects are to the bottom line. After all, our ability to reach Strategic Objectives largely depends on the success of our major initiatives. In parallel with this understanding is the realization that all levels of the organization must become conversant with the primary principles of project management. It is only through a shared understanding of how projects are chosen, funded, planned and executed that we can truly become proficient at achieving regular project success. The Solution This project management workshop provides a quick but thorough overview of fundamental project management concepts and techniques. Participants are taught standard vocabulary and then shown how projects are designed, executed and controlled. They are shown scope definition and management, status reporting, risk management, cost control, communication techniques and much more. The format includes a mixture of short exercises, group discussions and lecture. In clear and simple language, this course explains what it takes to bring a project to a successful conclusion.
There are no prerequisites for this course.
1/2 Day/Lecture & Lab
This PM workshop is ideal for functional managers, project team members key project stakeholders and anyone with project responsibility who needs a basic understanding of core project management practices.
  • Project lifecycle and project environment
  • Project Charter - Getting a project off to a good start
  • Knowing who your stakeholders are
  • Providing effective project estimates
  • Defining and managing scope, schedule and budget
  • The Communication Strategy
  • Resource Planning
  • Importance of Quality
  • Managing Project Risk
  • Status Reports
  • Change Control
  • Controlling cost
  • Lessons Learned

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