Project Management Office: Agent of Change

The Challenge Recent studies indicate that about half of the time, PMO implementation fails. One significant cause stems from the (sometimes unstated) primary mission of the PMO: Make Things Better! In most cases, management expects that the PMO will bring about significant process change with the result that project success rates, project cost, etc. will improve dramatically. However, this can only happen if there are corresponding significant changes in the organization itself. Are they ready for it? Do PMO staff really understand what is required of them? Do they see themselves as a Change Agent? The Solution PMO Startup is actually two projects in one. First, we must sufficiently define the mission and work of the PMO so that all stakeholders can understand what the PMO will do and why. Second, we must strive for organizational adoption of the changes that the PMO will bring about. Even PMOs that have existed for some time may benefit by revisiting these two steps, especially when there is continued reluctance to buy into the services that the PMO can offer. This advanced management workshop presents information that every PMO Director should consider BEFORE establishing the PMO
There are no prerequisites for this course.
1/2 Day/Lecture & Lab
This management workshop will benefit anyone who is involved in a PMO implementation: PMO director or manager, PMO Sponsor, PMO staff, Functional Managers and Executives with project responsibility, Portfolio Managers, and anyone who uses projects to execute Business Strategy.
  • Types of PMO
  • Typical PMO functions
  • Managing People, Process and Tools
  • Common pitfalls in PMO startup
  • How the PMO creates change
  • Who is impacted by the PMO
  • Need for executive support
  • Reasons for resistance to change
  • Organizational Adoption planning
  • PMO success depends on relationships
  • Why every PMO needs a PMO charter
  • Role of the charter in Organizational Change
  • Creating a PMO charter

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