Protect Your Windows Server Network: From Perimeter to Data

Through hands-on examples and practical case studies, you will learn how to integrate multiple defenses deterring attacks, delaying them, and increasing the cost to the attacker.
5 Days/Lecture & Lab
This course is important for those responsible for network security; and even non-technical business leaders would learn a lot about how to manage the business risk inherent in their dependence on information technology.
Introduction to Network Protection::Anatomy of a Hack-The Rise and Fall of your Network::Rule number 1 Patch your Systems::Developing Security Policies::Educating Those Pesky Users::If You Do Not Have Physical Security You Do Not Have Security::Protecting your Perimeter::Security Dependencies::Network Threat Modeling::Preventing Rouge Access Inside the Network::Passwords and Other Authentication Mechanisms The Last Line of Defense::Server and Client Hardening::Protecting User Applications::Protecting Services and Server Applications::Security for Small Business::Evaluating Application Security::Data Protection Mechanisms

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