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This program is designed as the initial six weeks of training for the Vitality Residency Program which also includes Broadcom’s own internal ASE program training as well as specialized product training delivered immediately after this bootcamp is completed.

There are no prerequisites for this course however previous experience with computers is helpful.

30 Days/Lecture & Lab

Students of this program are new Broadcom Vitality Program candidates who have been recruited and screened by Launchcode.

  • Using Mainframe Computers
  • ISPF Introduction
  • ISPF Look and Feel
  • Working With Data
  • Allocating Data Sets
  • Looking at Data — Edit, View, and Browse
  • More on Edit, View, and Help
  • More Utility Functions
  • Productivity Tips and Techniques
  • EDIT
  • Edit and View Primary Commands
  • Edit / View — Passing and Receiving Data
  • Reference Lists
  • Edit Profiles
  • Data Set List Utility and Commands
  • The ISPF Object / Action Workplace Shell
  • Running Batch Jobs
  • PDSEs and VSAM Support

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