Python for Network Automation

This course is driven by demonstration and reinforced by hands-on labs for learning Python for Network Automation. Maximize your networking skill set by learning to script solutions to tedious, complex and oftentimes overwhelming networking tasks. Automate front end interfaces, interact with APIs, open Telnet and SSH sessions, read and write data out of popular file types (including Excel), transform data between popular data structures like JSON and YAML, and most importantly, learn to interact with switches and routers across the most popular network vendors using multiple Python libraries.
Keyboard proficiency, and some basic understanding of network concepts is the only hard requirement. Students with some previous exposure to Python, any another scripting experience, will take the most from the course. In lieu of any scripting experience, ProTech’s Python Basics course is recommended.
5 Days/Lecture & Lab
This course was written for networking professionals looking to expand their capabilities by automating their workload with Python. This includes: Network Engineers, Network Architects, System Admins, DevOps Engineers, Cisco Certified Professionals (CCNA, CCNP, CCIE), and developers interested in network programmability with Python.
  • Reviewing Python Essentials
  • Python and Data translation
  • Python and RESTful APIs
  • Automating SMTP and Extended SMTP (Email)
  • Completing Webforms with Python
  • Python and Telnet
  • Python and SSH
  • Automating Switches and Routers with Python
  • Automating Networks with Python NAPALM
  • Python and Network Captures
  • Optimizations and Security
  • Overview of Ansible (optional)

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