Python Programming

This course provides a complete introduction to the Python scripting language. Delegates will learn to program using all the features of Python 3, with an emphasis on writing maintainable and testable scripts. Both the functional and object-oriented aspects of Python are covered in depth, including best practices for using them in combination.The course is normally taught over 3 days, but this can be reduced if delegates are fluent in another scripting language, such as Perl or Ruby. The delivery can be on either Linux or Windows as required. By default the 'PyCharm' IDE is used for examples and exercises, but other editors can be substituted on request.
Students should ideally have several years programming experience, gained either from strongly typed languages like C, C++, C# and Java or other scripting languages like Perl, Ruby and JavaScript.
3 Days/Lecture & Labs
  • Introduction to Python
  • The Basics of Python Scripting
  • Working with Structured Data
  • Regular Expressions in Python
  • Object Orientation in Depth
  • Functional Programming in Python
  • Writing Maintainable Scripts
  • Performing Common Tasks

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