Python/Django Ramp-up

Training Summary
This intense course starts with the basics of Python; then students move on to develop Web applications with the Django framework. It starts with the basics of creating simple models, views, and controllers, then moves on to more advanced topics such as administration, session management, authentication, and form processing.This is a hands-on programming class. All concepts are reinforced by informal practice during the lecture followed by graduated lab exercises. Django Boot Camp is a comprehensive introduction to the powerful Python language and its popular Web framework. Students will immediately be able to use Django to create real-world Web applications.Note: This course can be taught for either Python 2.x or Python 3.x. Version-specific course materials and exercises will be provided.
Students should already have a working knowledge of HTML 5, and CSS.
5 Days/Lecture & Lab
This course is appropriate for existing Python developers who want to easily create and deploy database-oriented web applications
Course Topics
  • What is Django?
  • Why use a framework?
  • Configuring a project
  • Creating an app
  • Defining and querying models
  • Developing templates
  • Implementing controllers
  • Session management
  • Access control and authentication
  • Form processing

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