QMF for Developers

This course begins with an overview of the Structured Query Language (SQL) as used within the Query Management Facility (QMF). Participants will develop QMF queries using Structured Query language (SQL) as well as exploring the prompted Query approach. They will also develop QMF procs to automate many tasks within QMF.The course provides comprehensive coverage of the capabilities and uses of QMF, with a focus on learning the Structured Query Language (SQL) and the different types of reports that can be produced using QMF forms. In addition, QMF's "Prompted Mode" capability, Forms, Procedures and Global Variables are introduced. Workshops are used throughout the course to reinforce newly learned topics.
Participants must have the ability to use TSO and ISPF, but no previous experience in SQL is required.
3 Days/Lecture & Lab
This course is for developers who need to create and execute SQL statements within the QMF environment to retrieve data, build reports, and automate procedures.
  • QMF Overview
  • Introduction to SQL
  • QMF Formatting
  • QMF Control Breaks
  • QMF Edit Codes, Usage Codes and QMF Variables
  • Flexible Search Queries
  • Advanced Reports
  • QMF Object Management
  • Advanced Topics

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