QMF - Query Management Facility

Entry-level user's introduction to basic concepts of DB2's relational database and how to access, process and create forms using the IBM Query Management Facility (QMF).
Students a must have experience and understanding of DB2 SQL and TSO/ISPF.Must be able to demonstrate the following knowledge:* Identify at least three different SELECT Clause expressions* Correctly write syntax for:SELECT, FROM, WHERE and ORDER BY clauses* Correctly write syntax for:INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE statements
3 Days/Lecture & Lab
This course is intended for students who have a basic understanding of IBM's Structured Query Language (SQL). This class is designed for those students who wish to learn the fundamentals of the Query Management Facility (QMF) tool.
  • Introduction to QMF
  • The basics in Quick Fashion
  • Displaying a List of Database Objects
  • Viewing Data Using SQL
  • Processing Data from more than one Table
  • Column Functions + QMF Substitution Variables
  • Customizing Your Reports
  • Maintaining Data in Your Tables

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