R Language Programming

This course is targeted at students who want to develop software using R and use the language for efficient data analysis. The course covers installation and configuration of the software required for statistical development environment, and describes basic language concepts and their implementation in a high level statistical language. This course explores practical issues in statistical computing, including programming in R, accessing data with R, using R packages, creating R functions, profiling code in R, as well as organizing the code and commenting on it.
A certain level of familiarity with the main concepts of programming will help, as will basic knowledge of statistical reasoning.
5 Days/Lecture & Lab
  • Installation and Getting Started With R
  • The Syntax of R
  • Introduction to R Objects
  • Using R Objects
  • Functions in R
  • OOP
  • High-Performance R
  • Processing Data: Saving, Loading, Editing
  • Getting Your Data Ready
  • Working with Graphics
  • Understanding Lattice Graphics
  • Data Analysis
  • Introduction to Probability Distributions
  • Performing Statistical Tests
  • Performing Power Tests
  • Linear and Non-Linear Regression Models
  • Algorithms, Smoothing and Survival Models in Regression Models
  • Understanding Classification Models
  • Machine Learning and Analysis of Time Series
  • Understanding Bioconductors

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