RACF Admin III (Custom for Wells Fargo)

Training Summary
This course is designed for seasoned RACF administrators, technicians, auditors, and compliance onitors seeking to improve RACF protections for critical system resources. This technically-rich course will show you how to implement, remediate, and review complex controls for CICS commands and resources, TSO authorities, programs, and data storage management functions. Attendees will learn the details and interrelationships of controls for system operator commands, JES2, and SDSF. Attendees will examine reports from their own system to understand how their RACF is uniquely configured and identify opportunities for improvement.
Prior to taking this course, students should have completed either the RACF Level II Administration course or the RACF Audit and Compliance Roadmap course plus have one year of RACF administration or auditing experience
3 Day/Lecture & Lab
This course is designed for: RACF Administrators and Technicians looking to enhance RACF protections for system resource IT Auditors and Compliance Monitors seeking to perform more technically detailed control reviews
Course Topics
  • RACF Overview and Refresher
  • CICS
  • Operator Command Controls
  • Job Entry Subsystem 2 (JES2) Controls
  • System Display and Search Facility (SDSF) Controls
  • Program Protection
  • Data Storage Administration Controls
  • TSO Configuration and Controls
  • APPL and VTAMAPPL Protection

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