RACF Administration

Training Summary
The RACF Administration class provides students with a comprehensive understanding of how RACF works. RACF commands and RACF panels are taught and the student will have an opportunity to execute RACF commands in a lab environment. They will build a RACF group structure, define USER profiles, protect datasets and other general resources, permit users and groups to datasets and general resources, and more. This class teaches the 'why' not just the 'how'. It provides the student with the knowledge they need to understand how best to secure the environment. They will learn what auditors will look for in a well-secured environment. Practical examples are used throughout the course material. In addition, helpful hints are provided to give the student an understanding of how to improve performance, lessen administrative tasks, and streamline the security environment for ease of administration. The online labs give the student time to practice the commands as line commands, in online panels, in batch, and in commands lists. For more detail on specific topics included in the course, please refer to the course topic detail below.
There are no prerequisites for this course, however, since RACF runs under the z/OS operating system, some basic familiarity with that environment including TSO is helpful.
4 Days/Lecture & Lab
This course is designed for security managers, RACF security administrators, z/OS system programmers or auditors.
Course Topics
  • Overview of z/OS and RACF Concepts
  • User Administration
  • Group Structure and Administration
  • Decentralized RACF Security Administration
  • Dataset Protection
  • General Resource Protection
  • CICS Protection
  • RACF Global Options
  • Search Function
  • RACF Reporting
  • RACF Command Tips and RACF Utilities

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