RACF Administration

The RACF Administration course is designed to explain the RACF security environment and how to secure a z/OS environment. The course attempts to identify the various resources that need protection and includes many of the RACF commands. The Class Descriptor Table and Started Classes are explained as well the utilization of SETROPTS. The various RACF utilities and reports are explained. The course also explains how RACF can be used to secure CICS Resources. The role of the Auditor is also covered and how to identify and report on security violations. A number of workshops are included.
Before taking this course, you should have a basic understanding of z/OS, and some exposure to security controls.
5 Days/Lecture & Lab
This course is designed for z/OS systems programmers and mainframe security personnel.
Introduction to RACF
  • Introduction to Users and Groups
  • Defining Users and Groups
  • Listing
  • Connecting Users to Groups
  • Defining Dataset Security
  • Defining Resources
  • Switching between Primary and Secondary RACF Databases
  • Performing Searches
  • Controlling Program Access
  • SETROPTS and the Global Environment
  • The STARTED Task Table
  • RACF Utilities and Reports
  • Advanced Facilities
  • Using ISPF to define RACF resources
  • RACF/CICS Security
  • Securing CICS Intercommunication
  • Auditing RACF

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