RACF- Introduction & Basic Administration

This course is intended for individuals who need to quickly become knowledgeable and proficient in basic, everyday RACF administration tasks. Unlike other administration courses, this one is specifically designed to give attendees a solid foundation in RACF without overloading them with advanced technical topics, yet it also serves as the ideal springboard for further training. Attendees will gain a fundamental understanding of how RACF functions along with training in creating and maintaining profiles for users, groups, datasets, TSO resources, and CICS transactions. They will receive instructions, examples, and exercises for coding all the most commonly used RACF commands.They will also be shown how to troubleshoot typical RACF access problems. As an added benefit, attendees will examine reports from their own system to understand how their RACF is uniquely configured.
Familiarity with the mainframe and using TSO and JCL
2.5 Days/Lecture & Lab
Anyone who requires general RACF knowledge and skills in order to perform basic administration, audit, or support. Entry and mid-level security administratorsUser provisioning personnelIT Security ManagersHelp Desk staffIT auditorsTechnical support staffApplication developers
RACF Concepts::Users::Groups::Resource Protection::Datasets::General Resources::General Resources - Logon Controls::General Resources - CICS Transactions::RACF Administration::Troubleshooting Access Problems

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