RACF - Level II Administration (Custom for Wells Fargo)

Training Summary
This course is intended for individuals who have mastered basic RACF administration or technical support tasks and are ready to advance their RACF technical skills and knowledge to the next level. Attendees will learn methods, tips, and "best practices" for more technically advanced RACF administration and support tasks such as setting up Started Task IDs, defining new general resource classes, controlling tape Bypass Label Processing (BLP), creating custom fields, and using RACFVARS variables. Attendees will learn the process RACF uses to merge member and grouping class profiles during RACLIST. They will gain a broader and deeper understanding of RACF monitoring and logging options and RACF administrative authorities. Attendees will also learn how to maintain RACF databases. They will also be introduced to RACF Health Checks and techniques for maximizing RACF performance. Attendees will examine reports from their own system to understand how their RACF is uniquely configured and identify opportunities for improvement.
Prior to taking this course, students must complete the RACF Level I Administration course, plus have six months of RACF work experience
3.0 Days/Lecture & Lab
This course is designed for RACF administrators and technicians who want to assume more technical responsibilities in RACF administration, implementation, remediation, and support.
Course Topics
  • RACF Overview and Refresher
  • Users and Groups
  • Dataset Protection
  • Started Tasks
  • Class Descriptor Table (CDT)
  • General Resource Grouping Profile
  • Custom Fields
  • Logging and Reporting
  • Administrative Authorities
  • RACF Maintenance and Configuration
  • RACF Healthchecks
  • RACF Performance Tuning

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