Rational Business Developer 7.5.1 featuring: EGL

The Rational Business Developer Training course featuring IBM's newest business development language: EGL. Enterprise Generation Language (EGL) is a simplified high level programming language that lets you write full-function applications quickly. It frees you to focus on the business problem rather than on complex software technologies. The details of middleware programming and Java/J2EE are hidden from you, so you can deliver enterprise data to browsers even if you have minimal experience with Web technologies. In this course you will learn to build Web, Web 2.0, and SOA solutions using EGL. You will work with the Eclipse workbench, Rational Business Developer tooling, you will create EGL Programs, Libraries, Services and JSFHandlers. Code EGL SQL and data access statements to read and write from programs to external databases, create EGL business logic and work with web services.
Students should have experience using HyperText markup Language (HTML), Servlets, JavaServer Pages or Java programming. Experience with JavaServer Pages, either through practical experience and knowledge or through completion of tutorials sufficient to provide an understanding of fundamental concepts. Experience in Web server, application server, and Rational Application Developer administration is beneficial, but not required.
5 Days/Lecture & Lab
This course is designed for software programmers with 2+ years of experience using a computing language or platform, such as: COBOL, RPG, Visual Basic, PowerBuilder, Java, C/C++, PHP, Ruby on Rails, MS-Access.
  • RBD & EGL Overview
  • Installation of RBD 7.5.1 and WebSphere Application Server
  • Introduction to Eclipse, EGL Overview & Workbench Navigation
  • EGL file types, EGL development lifecycle.
  • Importing & creating a project. EGL Syntax, structure ( LAB )
  • Web Development (JSP & JSF) ( LAB )
  • The EGL Programming Model, DataTypes, DataItems, Records, Arrays, Conditional and Sequence logic
  • Records and data items
  • Libraries
  • EGL and SQL (Relational) database access - "A to Z", EGL and non-relational file handling, DML (CRUD) operations EGL Build Files ( LAB )
  • Search utility by creating JSF ( LAB )
  • The EGL Built-in Functions, Date and Time Handling, Error and Exception Handling ( LAB )
  • The EGL Debugger ( LAB )
  • EGL and Web Services (SOA) ( LAB )
  • Calling Languages for example, Java etc. ( LAB )
  • EGL Rich User Interface programming ( LAB )
  • Properties and Event Handling
  • Cascading Style sheets
  • Drag and Drop, Grid Widgets, Services ( LAB )
  • Calling RUIHandlers and Widgets, Deployment ( LAB )
  • Create a dynamic Web application with AJAX ( LAB )
  • Create an EJB 3.0 application ( LAB )

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