RDMS Concepts and SQL Programming

This course is designed for application programmers new to the RDMS environment. It explains the concepts and interrelationships of selected Unisys software with RDMS. In addition, the SQL commands used to manipulate data in a Unisys RDMS database are explained. The explanations are reinforced with written exercises designed to highlight the database commands.
Prior to taking this course, experience of writing UCOB programs and knowledge of Unisys operations, systems concepts, and Executive Control Language (ECL) is recommended.
4 Days/Lecture & Lab
This course is ideal for UCOB programmers, entry level database administrators, software support staff, operations supervisors or managers, or anyone new to the RDMS environment and needing to learn how to obtain/manipulate the RDMS database.
  • Describe the purpose and use of a Database.
  • Contrast the basic characteristics of the logical versus the physical database.
  • Explain what the RDMS database is and its advantages.
  • Recognize code written in SQL and explain the basic syntax.
  • Write specific code to accomplish various tasks with the database, including retrieving, adding, updating, and deleting information.

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