RDz for COBOL Developers

This course provides students with the knowledge and skills to begin working with IBM Rational Developer for z (RDz). This includes the abilities to edit and develop, test, debug, and compile COBOL programs remotely using RDz. Among the topics covered will include:
  • Moving COBOL source from and to the mainframe environment
  • Using editor and tools provided by Rdz
  • Submitting and reviewing compiles using JES
  • Working with IBM Debug Tool, Fault Analyzer, and File manager interfaces
  • Working with CICS and DB2 interfaces in RDz
  • Working with VSAM files and File Manager in RDz
Students should have prior experience working with z/OS or OS/390 systems and have a very solid understanding of Enterprise COBOL or COBOL for OS/390, Students should also have a good understanding of JCL and JES (Job Entry Subsystem) from a developer view and basic knowledge of CICS Transaction Server development and Db2 and SQL Development.
3 Days/Lecture & Lab
This course is intended for mainframe COBOL application developers with a need or desire to learn new development techniques and tools.
  • Introduction to the RDz Product
  • Understanding the RDz Product Interface
  • Using RDz to Develop, Test, and Debug Enterprise COBOL Batch Programs
  • Using RDz to Develop, Test, and Debug CIC TS COBOL Programs
  • Using RDz to Develop, Test, and Debug Db2 COBOL Programs
  • Using RDz in Conjunction with Other z/OS Development Products
  • Overview of Other RDz Features and Supported Products

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