RDz for System Administrators

This course provides students with the knowledge and skills to install the workstation components and the z/OS components. We will then proceed to work with configuring the interfaces between the workstation components and the z/OS components, including the interfaces to Debug Tool, Fault Analyzer and File Manager. Also provided will be sample applications and workshops to demonstrate how developers will utilize RDz in performance of their duties. Among the topics covered will include:
  • Installation of RDz workstation and z/OS interface products
  • Preparation of the interfaces to z/OS components like JES, TCP/IP and RACF
  • Preparation of the interfaces to IBM Debug Tool, Fault Analyzer, and File manager
  • Working with Enterprise COBOL applications in RDz
  • Working with CICS and Db2 applications in RDz
:Working with VSAM files and File Manager in RDz
Students should have prior experience working as a systems administrator on z/OS mainframes, a very solid understanding of z/OS and its components, a good understanding of JCL and JES (Job Entry Subsystem) from a systems view, a basic systems level knowledge of TCP/IP, RACF, CICS TS, and Db2, and basic knowledge of Debug Tool, Fault Analyzer, and File Manager.
2 Days/Lecture & Lab
Mainframe system administrators with a need or desire to learn how to install and maintain the RDz interfaces and z/OS components.
  • Introduction to the RDz Product
  • Implementing the z/OS RDz Product Interfaces
  • Understanding how RDz is used to Develop, Test and Deploy Enterprise COBOL Programs
  • Using RDz in Conjunction with other z/OS Development Products
  • Overview of other RDz Features and Supported Products

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