Reach Your Strategic Goals: Getting the Most out of Projects

Defining and setting business goals is only the first step. Of real concern to all is exactly how we will meet these goals. There are many possible approaches, but execution of strategic and tactical projects is virtually always a primary means. We all know that selection of the right projects and their successful outcome is critical to business success. But how can this be accomplished on a regular basis? Project Portfolio Management (PPM) is the set of processes that underlies the selection and oversight of your organization's projects. It is a primary determinant of how much value you receive for each project dollar. The Project Management Office (PMO) can have a dramatic impact on the effectiveness of project execution by promoting effective project management process and ensuring that projects receive much needed oversight and support. Studies have now shown that formal project management practice, when properly implemented and supported, is a primary determinant of consistent project success. Reaching Your Strategic Goals: Getting the Most out of Projects explores the core principles and best practices that make PPM and the PMO powerful drivers for the attainment of business strategy.
This course does not require any prior project training or special knowledge of project management or PMO concepts, although a basic understanding is helpful for some of the exercises.
2 Days/Lecture & Lab
This course will be of value to portfolio managers; anyone who uses projects to execute business strategy; anyone who is planning on implementing portfolio management software; CEO, CFO, CIO, other senior executives; PMO directors; functional managers and executives with project responsibility.
What we all know – Project Success is the Key to Business Success
  • Question what you know: There is more to Project Management that the PMBOK®
  • Why project success is not enough
  • The promise of PPM
  • Five primary goals of PPM
  • Primary business processes of PPM
  • Choosing the right projects at the right time
  • Tracking Business Value
  • Making PPM more effective
  • Aligning projects with Strategy
  • Delivering business benefits, not just projects
  • Why projects fail; Why projects succeed
  • Impact of Human Factors (HFs) in projects
  • Seeing the project through a HF lens
  • PMO – Managing People, Process and Tools
  • Role of the PMO
  • PMO start-up
  • PMO Best Practices
  • Impact of formal project management
  • Pitfalls and Success factors
  • The Next Generation PMO
  • Governance
  • Impact of good Project Stewardship
  • Bringing it all together

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