React Native

React Native is used by organizations worldwide to create cross-platform phone/tablet apps with one code base. This means that you can write code easily that will run on iPhones, iPads, and Android phones and tablets without having to rewrite it in two or more languages -- just one. And that one language is easy to learn if you know React and JavaScript because it is React and JavaScript! Furthermore, these apps run natively and can be deployed to the Apple AppStore or the Google Play store, not web apps that run in some adapter or translator. So they're faster and more reliable. In this class you'll learn to use React Native to create cross-platform native apps quickly and easily with a 50/50 mix of lecture and real-world labs. You'll start from scratch and build up to a comprehensive app which uses modern techniques and best practices to consume RESTful data from a NodeJS/Express server and present it to the user in a multi-screen, interactive app.
Before taking this course, you should have familiarity with React and a very strong grasp of advanced JavaScript. Please ask about our JavaScript and React courses which will prepare you for this course.
4 Days/Lecture & Lab
This course is designed for seasoned developers who want to create iOS and Android apps.
  • Course Overview
  • Hello React Native
  • React and Redux reviews (when needed)
  • The Development Process
  • Single-value Controls
  • Platform-specific Development
  • Layout Components
  • Flexbox for Native Layouts
  • Styling React Native Apps
  • Navigation
  • Ajax in React Native
  • List Components
  • Touchables and Buttons

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