Real World Requirements (Custom York University)

Getting the right requirements, and getting them right, is the single most important factor to ensure the success of a project. Yet paradoxically, there are few available educational resources on. Why? As Ivar Jacobson points out: Requirements capture is the process of finding out, usually under difficult circumstances, what is to be built. In fact, it is so difficult that it is still not uncommon for project teams to start writing code (which is fairly easy) before they have firmed up what the code is supposed to so (which is difficult).And, as difficult as requirements capture is to do, it is even more difficult to teach. This course is designed to fill the existing need for comprehensive and practical training in gather, documenting, modeling and managing requirements for IT projects. The course content is built around the best practices drawn from a variety of disciplines in order to provide student with a comprehensive set of skills to manage the whole requirements process, whether it involves getting answers from difficult people or modeling performance requirements for the system designers.
There are no prerequisites for this course.
4 Days/Lecture & Lab
Introduction to Requirements Management::Organizational Dynamics and Requirements Management::The Requirements Process::Developing the Requirements Strategy::Methodologies for Gathering Requirements I::Methodologies for Gathering Requirements II::The Interview Process::Managing Group Processes::Surveys and Questionnaires::Modeling Requirements::Risk and Requirements::The Vision Document::Stakeholder Requirements::Functional Requirements::Non-Functional Requirements

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