Red Hat Linux Programming

This course is for C software developers who need to rapidly master the skills required to write services/daemons, applications/utilities, and libraries for Red Hat Linux. Using live, step-by-step coding techniques, the student will learn how to access the major C-language functionality provided by Red Hat Linux. All major C-language interfaces are covered, including services/daemons, command-line programs, and libraries. At the end of the course, the student will know how to use the Red Hat Linux tools, utilities, and software interfaces, to write Red Hat Linux programs.
Experience in C Programming is essential. The course assumes the student already knows C Programming and whishes to learn how to use C programming with Red Hat Linux.
5 Days/Lecture & Lab
  • Services/Daemons (Background Processes)
  • Programs/Utilities (Foreground Processes)
  • Libraries (Shared and Static)
  • Makefiles
  • System Calls
  • C-Library
  • Processes, Signals, and Threads
  • Memory Management
  • File and Device I/O
  • IPC (Inter Process Communication)

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