Red Hat Satellite V6 (Foreman/Katello) Administration

Training Summary
This course provides comprehensive hands on coverage all the of the major features starting from best practices in installation and initial configuration, managing subscriptions, products and repositories, content views, lifecycles, activation keys, system registration of existing system, bare metal and virtualization provisioning including discovery, provisioning templates, configuration management with puppet, IdM integration, smart proxies/capsule servers, virt-who, and subscription management. Additionally, the course covers the differences between Red Hat's Satellite v6 and the open source upstream Foreman and Katello.
An intermediate knowledge of the Linux operating system is required. The equivalent knowledge can be found in the GL120 "Linux Fundamentals" and GL250 "Enterprise Linux Systems Administration" courses.
4 Days/Lecture & Lab
This course is designed for Senior Red Hat Enterprise Linux system administrators responsible for the management of multiple servers.
Course Topics
  • Overview & Installation
  • Initial Configuration
  • Registering Existing Hosts
  • Puppet Integration
  • Identity Management Integration
  • Provisioning New Systems
  • Virtualization Integration Lab Tasks

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