Replacing Serena with CA Endevor Software Change Manager

Now is the perfect time to replace Serena. CA Endevor Software Change Manager is the #1 Mainframe Software Change Management Solution. Serena has continued to lose market share while CA Technologies owns 83.2% of the SCM market. Why attack Serena now? Serena has a large debt load, limited mainframe investment and technical capability, another CEO has left the company and their past Quarterly Net Income was down 76%. This training session will demonstrate how CA Endevor SCM can easily replace Serena ChangeMan and all its options, as well as any other SCM solution. The MSRP team has continued to enhance its capabilities to discover, analyze and migrate your customers off of Serena ChangeMan. Several of your peers will be joining the call to share their success stories and some tips and tricks on how to win in this market. This training took place February 15, 2013 at 11:00 a.m. ET. Presenters: Doug Mueller, Director, Technical Sales; Dan Foss, Sr. Solution Strategist – NA Mainframe Sales; Jeff Scipione, Sr. Solution Strategist – NA Mainframe Sales; Nan Skeffington, CA Account Manager; and Jim Sopko, Sr. Principal Consultant, Technical Sales.
1 Hour/Web-based Training

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