Report Design and Development

This course teaches students the basic techniques of report and query customization with an emphasis on using automated tools and ensuring reports both satisfy the requirements of the end users and align with the enterprise information governance, management and stewardship standards, principles and practices. The course covers the basics of using designing reports using standard tools and developing customized queries and scripts to customize the extraction, processing and the display of the data.
Students should have either taken the course "21880 Using Reports and Tracking Tools" or have an equivalent level of knowledge or experience. A basic understanding of SQL and a scripting language like VBA is recommended
1 Day/Lecture & Lab
This course is appropriate for anyone interested in report customization
  • Modify queries and develop basic queries aligned with coding guidelines.
  • Verify query correctness by reviewing raw data and report outputs.
  • Share data between common applications to populate report templates.
  • Design standard business reports and tracking reports using basic business tools.
  • Write basic queries and formulas using standard query and scripting languages.
  • Perform a peer review of basic reports.
  • Populate reports automatically using formulas and other efficiencies.
  • Uses pivot tables and data slicers to effectively display report data.

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