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This course is a two day intensive hands-on exploration of IBM Rational Requisite Pro for requirements management.

The course begins with requirements process and where Requisite Pro fits into that process, the automation it provides and how it integrates with other products and tasks in requirements processes. Students learn how the different types of requirements (functional, non-functional, use cases, etc.) are represented in Requisite Pro and how the product is used to organize the various requirements and specification documents related to a project. Students explore how important requirements management principles such as traceability, priority, status and linkages to other artifacts, like test cases are represented and managed in Requisite Pro. The structure and roles of requirements meta-data in Requisite Pro is covered in detail.

In the first section of the course, students work the Requisite Pro from the perspective of an end user. They work through the typical tasks most end users to familiarize students with the features and functionality of a product such as setting up requirements documents, creating and modifying requirements, linking requirements entries, and working with queries, views and metrics. As they are working through these tasks, they also get to see how Requisite Pro actually does the task to improve their ability to debug or troubleshoot issues that may commonly arise.

The middle section of the course explores Requisite Pro from the perspective of a requirements project manager or administrator. Topics in this section include the sorts of set up tasks an administrator would be normally do at the start of a project including setting up the user environment, creating project and document types, importing existing documents and requirements, user management and security, and general project specific customization.

Each of the provided project templates is examined in detail and students walk through the process of creating a custom project from template definition, document type and requirement type definitions, to customized views and queries.

The last section of the course explores Requisite Pro from the systems administration perspective and includes installing and configuring the product, maintaining the Requisite Pro environment and managing the organization’s Requisite Pro environment and artifacts from various projects. A significant portion of this section is spent on trouble shooting issues faced by administrators from corrupt databases and security problems to dealing with infrastructure and environmental issues.

The course concludes with a review of the Requisite Pro best practices from the use, project administrator and the systems administrator perspectives as well as a look at some of the common mistakes and pitfalls that are made.

There are no prerequisites for this course.

2 Days/Lecture & Lab

The course is intended for those who want a solid and through understanding of the product and how it is used and administered.

  • Requisite Pro: what is is designed to do and not designed to do
  • The requirements process and the artifacts produced
  • Different kinds of requirements and specifications
  • Traceability between requirements process artifacts and with other project artifacts (design and test artifacts for example)
  • Quality metrics for requirements artifacts
  • Requisite Pro automation – how it works
  • Requisite Pro architecture and functionality
  • Requirements in Requisite Pro and requirements documents
  • Creating, modifying and deleting requirements and documents
  • Working with traceability between artifacts
  • Requirements metadata
  • Developing and using Queries and Views
  • Best practices and common pitfalls when using Requisite Pro
  • Planning and creating a Requisite Pro project
  • Importing documents and requirements
  • Creating a project from a template and creating a custom template
  • Creating custom document types, requirement types, views and queries
  • Deploying and administering a Requisite Pro projects
  • Trouble shooting project administrative issues
  • Re-engineering and existing or legacy project
  • Best practices and common pitfalls for Requisite Pro project administrators
  • Installing Requisite Pro
  • User Management and security
  • Working with back end databases
  • Integration with other Rational products
  • System tasks and maintenance: backing up, restoring etc
  • Automation of systems tasks
  • Troubleshooting performance issues
  • Dealing with database corruption and other systems issues
  • Migrating Requite Pro to a different environments
  • Requisite Pro best practices and common pitfalls for systems administrators

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