Responsive Web Design Version 3.0

This introduction to Responsive Web Design (RWD) course teaches designers and developers the necessary HTML, CSS, and JavaScript skills for building web applications and sites that adapt to a wide array of devices, including desktops, laptops, tablets, and phones.Rather than coding in proprietary languages, the responsive web design approach uses HTML, CSS and JavaScript. This course aims to provide attendees with a working knowledge of responsive web design. The course begins with a refresher in the Cascading Style Sheet language which is an integral part of responsive web design. Next up is a thorough examination of RWD as a whole. This includes why a developer might choose this strategy as well as comparing a RWD approach to other techniques including server-side solutions. After mastering the fundamental concepts of RWD, the remainder of the course is spent exploring the very latest techniques to achieve responsive layout, responsive images, responsive typography and responsive tables.
Prior to taking this course, students must have the ability to write basic HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
4 Days/Lecture & Lab
This course is ideal for designers and developers.
  • CSS Primer
  • Introduction to Responsive Web Design
  • Responsive Web Design Fundamentals
  • Responsive Layout
  • Responsive Typography
  • Responsive Images
  • Responsive Tables
  • Introduction to CSS3
  • Conclusion and Resources for Further Reading

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