RH401 Red Hat Enterprise Deployment, Virtualization, and Systems Management

Training Summary
This course is an intensive hands-on lab course in skills and methods critical to large-scale deployment and management of mission-critical Red Hat Enterprise Linux systems. This course focuses on the use of the Red Hat Network, including the Red Hat Network Satellite Server as a deployment method, and the use of Virtualization technology as a key deployment tool. A substantial part of the class is dedicated to the use of Virtualization in deployment. Virtualization topics include: an overview of virtualization; installing, configuring, and managing virtual machines; understanding the hypervisor; virtual machine snapshots; network configuration with virtualization.
Students should have RHCE-level skills. A current RHCE certification is recommended, but not required.
4 Days/Lecture & Lab
This course is aimed at senior Red Hat Enterprise Linux system administrators and other IT professionals working in enterprise environments and mission-critical systems.
Course Topics
  • Understanding Systems Management
  • Provisioning using DHCP and PXE
  • Installing a Red Hat Network Satellite Server
  • Building RPMs
  • Using CVS to Manage Configuration Files
  • Managing the Red Hat Network Satellite Server
  • Red Hat Network Management and Provisioning
  • Red Hat Network Proxy Server
  • Saving Kernel Crash Dumps
  • Red Hat Virtualization Overview
  • Virtual Machine Management
  • Installing and Configuring Virtual Machines
  • Hypervisor Details
  • Virtualization Advanced Techniques

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