RHCL110 Red Hat OpenStack Administration I: Core Operations for Domain Operators

Training Summary
Red Hat OpenStack Administration I: Core Operations for Cloud Operators (CL110) is designed for system administrators who are intending to implement a cloud computing environment using OpenStack. You will learn how to configure, use, and maintain Red Hat® OpenStack Platform. dashboard (Horizon).
Become a Red Hat Certified System Administrator (RHCSA) or demonstrate equivalent experience
5 Days/Lecture & Lab
This course is designed for Linux system administrators, cloud administrators, and cloud operators interested in, or responsible for, maintaining a private or hybrid cloud.
Course Topics
  • Exam/Certification
  • Introduce launching an instance
  • Organize people and resources
  • Describe cloud computing
  • Manage Linux networks
  • Manage Linux networks
  • Prepare to deploy an instance with public access
  • Deploy an instance
  • Manage block storage
  • Manage object storage
  • Prepare to deploy an external instance
  • Deploy an instance with public access
  • Customize instances
  • Deploy scalable stacks
  • Install an OpenStack overcloud
  • Lab: Comprehensive review of CL110

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